Will Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s ‘Notify’ Prove To Be Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) killer?


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is most likely to receive a massive threat from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s new app, ‘Notify,’ a fabrication of Creative Labs. The reason this is said so is because Notify functions in real-time and almost instantly, just like Twitter.

Similarities and Capabilities of Twitter & Notify compared

What is one thing everyone admires about Twitter? It is the capability to provide updates in real time. This USP of Twitter made it so popular. However, Notify, as the name says, is much faster than Twitter. Notify enables users get top stories or breaking the news of their area/country or top clips or “viral feeds” even on their lock screens. Now, this is like pushing the information directly to the lock screen, without the need to enter an app or click a link.

This service will enable the users to get latest updates regarding anything and everything in their lock screens. Notify offers the information-aggregating service, something that has been the genre of Twitter alone.

This is more or less like aggregating the Twitter capabilities. Notify is similar to Twitter in the sense that it is news-based. News has remained a forte of Twitter since long, and this is one feather on Twitter’s hat that it is very much proud of. However, Facebook is making a move into this forte through Notify, which might eventually prove to be a threat to Twitter.

Will ‘Notify’ kill Twitter: An analysis and conclusion?

Over time, it has been observed that while Facebook is continuously overhauling its news feed and launching new products or services or apps, Twitter is hanging on to more or less same things. Facebook ensures that it remains the talk of the town through some or the other acquisitions and that too, the massive ones (such as Whatsapp). On the contrary, Twitter’s acquisitions or new launches come nowhere close to Facebook.

Whether ‘Notify’ will be a user-hit or not is still questionable, but in a hypothetical situation, if we do believe that it becomes a huge hit, then Twitter will surely rest in peace. It is something that should shake Twitter’s investors and the company in taking innovative action to hold its key area, i.e., ‘Breaking News.’

Good news is that Twitter still has a market capture of 59% news in comparison to 31% offered by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). But Facebook keeps testing and experimenting, which may work in favour of this social media.

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