What Is The Buzz Surrounding Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ACHN)?


Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ACHN) reported the U.S. FDA has granted orphan drug status to ACH-4471 for the cure of people with C3 Glomerulopathy. C3G marks as a harmful renal ailment for which there is no permitted treatment. There are projected to be around 4,000 C3G subjects in the U.S., around 4,000 in Europe, and over 1,000 people with this devastating ailment in Japan.

The details

The Orphan Drug Designation program offers incentives for the advancement of potentially encouraging drugs to cure, prevent or diagnose orphan diseases and ailments that impact fewer than 200,000 residents in the United States. This designation may offer, under specified settings, for a 7-year commercialization exclusivity period, and certain incentives, including tax credits, a waiver of PDUFA submission fees and federal grants.

Earlier in the month of November, Achillion posted interim report from the first two subjects in a current Phase II trial in C3G patients showcased that the prevailing formulation of ACH-4471 recorded complement alternative pathway inhibition leading in over 50% decline in proteinuria over the fourteen-day treatment period as well as a favorable tolerability profile.

In addition, Achillion reported the commencement of bioavailability trial of extended release formulations of “ACH-4471” in healthy subjects. The ER oral tablet formulations can showcase the potential to achieve twice or once daily dosing in patients.

Milind Deshpande, Ph.D., the CEO and President of Achillion Pharmaceuticals, reported that they are delighted that the FDA has given orphan drug designation to “ACH-4471” targeting C3G, and they look forward to increased data from the underway extended release formulation trial.

They are aware of the unmet requirement for patients and they are dedicated to developing ACH-4471 for C3G as they consider they have a prospect to advance a potentially disease-modifying treatment, based on the innovative mechanism of action, for ACH-4471. The objective of this trial is to compare and evaluate the pharmacokinetic profiles of numerous ER formulations of ACH-4471 in healthy people, after oral administration, with the objective of identifying an ER formulation to enable twice or once daily dosing plans of ACH-4471. Interim data are expected during Q2 2018.