United Cannabis Corp (OTCMKTS:CNAB) Strengthens Its Brand


United Cannabis Corp (OTCMKTS:CNAB) reported that it is was given trademark protection of its logo and name throughout the U.S. Earnest Blackmon, the Chief Executive Officer, reported on the announcement that these trademarks strengthen their brand and allow them to offer their patients with confidence that they are buying certified United Cannabis offerings, and the quality assurances that come along with that.

Blackmon went on to added that as they continue their work to establish the product line through R&D, they are taking immense care to protect those measures as well as the investments done by the firm and its shareholders. The growing portfolio of trademarks and patents does just that.

The buzz

United Cannabis reported that its S-1 registration statement was stated effective by the U.S. SEC. The Prospectus comprises the resale of company’s common stock pertaining with the December 2016 investment deal with Tangiers Global, LLC. Under the terms of the deal, Tangiers has committed to buy up to $10 million in shares of the firm’s common stock, at a discount of 15% to the market price.

United Cannabis is a biotechnology firm involved in the advancement of phyto-therapeutic grounded products supported by different patented technologies for the pharma, medicinal, and industrial markets. It is a pioneer in the use of cannabinoids for medicinal purposes and is establishing a platform for designing targeted treatments to enhance the quality of life for people across the world. All of its products are patent-protected, first in class drugs with applications to a worldwide market. United Cannabis is listed on the OTCQB platform under the ticker ‘CNAB’.

Recently, it finalized a deal with Advesa following which Advesa will become its product manufacturing facility based in California. The person behind establishing Advesa is none other than company’s own CTO, Tony Verzura. He established the firm to boost the growth of company’s products and technologies for international deals.