The Hottest Biotech Stock of 2017

The Hottest Biotech Stock of 2017

Trump’s Next Tweet Could Send CellMedX (CMXC) Soaring 10X or Higher

You’ve probably already read about this game changer. Trump’s new FDA pick is crystal-clear about easing regulations for small-cap biotechs… and the market is definitely taking notice. Massive gains are being made overnight on this news alone. Early investors can expect huge returns over the next few months, as companies get fast-tracked through FDA approval.

It’s no surprise that this news has sent the biotech sector on a tear.  Small-caps are emerging as the biggest winners, quickly producing triple or even quadruple-digit gains. We’re featuring one of the most innovative companies in the biopharma space, CellMedX (CMXC), and it’s only just starting to get investors’ attention. Are your juices flowing yet?   They should be.  HERE’S WHY…

CellMedX reveals the biggest diabetes breakthrough since insulin
Since the discovery of insulin in 1924, there has been very little fundamental progress in treatment – until CellMedX (CMXC) unveiled eBalance!

This revolutionary device uses a micro-current-stimulation process that does the work of a healthy metabolism to reduce numbness, tingling or pain in arms or legs of diabetic patients. Amazingly, CellMedX believes it can also improve glucose control, insulin resistance and blood pressure issues. It works by delivering a low-level current within a defined therapeutic protocol tailored to each individual patient. Early observations show that eBalance has already shown very positive results in insulin dependent diabetics.

Now you know why biotech investors are putting shares of CellMedX (CMXC) in their portfolio – and why you should too.

Check out their news!  It’s nothing but PROGRESS, PROGRESS, PROGRESS…
On March 1, 2017, eBalance announced they received the go ahead in Canada for clinical trials for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. They aren’t wasting any time either. Only one week later, CellMedX revealed they’re already screening for subjects.

As you know, medical stocks, like hi-tech stocks, tend to SOAR on clinical trial news. With CellMedX trading in the high $0.20s, the stock could easily become a huge multiplier!

Normally, any new diabetic treatment can take YEARS to develop; yet CellMedX has their sights set on the near-term. We can anticipate lots of clinical updates, milestones, catalysts to get the stock moving. That’s why I believe CMXC could easily be my next ten-bagger.

Here’s our take on CMXC… Canada’s medical testing is not near as strict or lengthy as it is in the USA, for one. That means CMXC is most likely poised to enter the market within a year and that spells cash flow for CellMedX and VERY HIGH potential returns for savvy shareholders.

The market for eBalance is HUGE
Currently, 320 million people suffer from diabetes and that body-count is poised to DOUBLE by 2030. By 2035, one in ten people will be diagnosed with diabetes. It’s becoming one of the more serious medical dilemmas on a GLOBAL SCALE.

Nearly 12% of global healthcare expenditures were directly attributed to diabetes – in 2010 – and that number is GROWING. Diabetes health expenditures are forecast to exceed FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS by 2035 globally. On average, it cost $703 per person globally in 2010 to treat diabetes.

That’s a lot of cash for treatments that don’t provide a cure. Most treatments involve some form of insulin use, which only helps to maintain a diabetic’s health – it does NOT SLOW THE PROGRESSION OF THE DISEASE.

CellMedX believes that the company’s electro-stimulation process – eBalance – COULD slow the progression of this disease and limit the pain and discomfort diabetics suffer from.

If CMXC can carve off even a sliver of the billions swirling around the diabetic industry, shareholders will feel the impact.

Let Me Give You Five Reasons to Buy CellMedX (CMXC) Immediately

1. There is nothing available like the eBalance Device. This is a major point. Few companies can make this statement. Coke can’t. McDonald’s can’t. Having an exclusive is an enormous advantage.

2. Diabetes treatment is being brought into the 21st century by combating it with mild electricity. There is already a long list of serious ailments successfully using electro-medicine as a treatment. Now it’s diabetes turn.

3. People are sick and tired or drugs as the answer. The trend toward using natural, non-drug options has NEVER been stronger. Scientific studies now confirm that these treatments are far better than drugs, without the risky side effects.

4. CellMedX is led by a strong management and advisory team, partnering with external consultants and medical research firms. Their top-of the line leadership is a true test of how serious this company is.

5. $0.20 to $0.30 a share is a remarkably low price for what they’ve already accomplished in this growing field. Considering the industry potential, their innovative product, and the soon-to-commence clinical trials, this stock is truly under the radar.

CMXC stock trades in a tight range and there are only 40.2 million shares issued and outstanding. Current trading volume averages 30,000 shares per day, yet medical stock investors aren’t even aware of CellMedX – until NOW>

So, if you own any pharma/medical stock, it should be CMXC. Check out their site and see for yourself the BIG POTENTIAL for this electromedical stock. That ticker, once again is (OTCQB: CMXC) >>> go get some of it and hang on for the ride of your life!

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