Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SNCR) Offers Update On Strategic Alternatives Procedure


Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SNCR) the pioneer in mobile cloud innovation for enterprises, retailers, OEMs and mobile carriers across the globe, released an update on the Board’s ongoing strategic alternatives procedure.

The details

Synchronoss’ Board is committed to increasing value for all stakeholders and continues to assess a full range of operational, financial and strategic alternatives, which may comprise a sale of the firm or other deals. The firm continues to be in active talks with Siris Capital Group and other concerned parties concerning a range of prospective strategic transactions.

The Board will sensibly consider all possibilities and make a decision that mirrors the best interest of all stockholders, although there can be no guarantee as to whether or not any deal will take place, the arrangement of such a deal, or the ultimate timing.

Synchronoss is a unique software firm that helps both enterprises and service providers realize and execute their objectives for mobile transformation now. The simple, flexible and powerful solutions serve millions of mobile users and a large part of the Fortune 500 worldwide in the present time.

In unrelated news, Intralinks®, a Synchronoss Business, reported the latest version of its VDR to assist allow time and control back to dealmakers. As it is known, deal rooms form a vital part of the M&A procedure, but are often considered a tiresome and clunky part of due diligence. With its modern release, Intralinks is seeking to change that perception, turning the course as quick and easy as possible to warrant that information can be administered efficiently, the parties can concentrate more on strategic tasks, and an agreement can be closed quickly.

The latest Intralinks® VDR marks as its fastest platform to date. Its integration with AI expedites the due diligence procedure and lessens deal completion times via the automation of deal room set-up, organization and contract analysis.