Optimistic Future of Endo Health Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:ENDP) with the New Employment


Dallas, Texas 09/13/2013 (Financialstrend) – The company Endo Health Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:ENDP) specializes in dealing with the healthcare solutions. Its focus is on the generic and branded pharmaceuticals, services and designs. The brands include the likes of Lidodern, Voltarel Gel, Percocet, and so on. The four segments of operation of the company are Endo Pharmaceuticals, HealthTronics, AMS and Qualitest.  All segments operate on individual basis, but the respective performances count under the banner of the company.

Change in the Leadership

The recent most change for the company is to be regarding the leadership positions in terms of the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. The company will have the new effect from the 23rd of September of this year. The new professional is known to be highly experienced in different high posts of other financial institutions since 2010.

The Employment Commencement Agreement

The period of this agreement will be effective from the first day of the new employment till the third anniversary of the post. It provides the newly employed personnel to have various benefits regarding the salaries. The agreement is also made flexible so that the new professional gets time to settle down and bring success to the company.

Looking at the Future

It is sincerely hoped by the company that the new change will bring refreshments to the business of the company. The agreement is made flexible prior to get the best out of the new employee. It holds various prorated bonuses according to the performance of the professional, which are to inspire his inputs. It is also believed that the employee will perform while justifying the trust of the employers. The abilities of the professional that earned him the post are respected and highly regarded by the employers. On the basis of this, it can be said that the future of the company holds brighter statements and good news for the share holders.


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