Nokia Oyj (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) And Inria Update On Next Phase Of Long-Standing Association


Nokia Oyj (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) and Inria reported the renewal of their joint lab for a 4-year period. The update came during an event rejoicing the 50th anniversary of Inria with Antoine Petit, the CEO of Inria, and Marcus Weldon, who is Nokia Bell Labs President and Nokia CTO.

The details

Introduced in 2008, the permanent researchers of joint lab associates from the two partners with postdoctoral researchers and PhD students, sharing the same strategic objective to solve the major scientific challenges connected to the progress of networks and network applications. The objective of this joint research is to provide customers the benefits from required cloud resources and network for a personalized and contextual experience of the digital connected world.

The upcoming networks will have to run a multitude of linked objects, to host and interconnect tremendously distributed functions, to showcase an unprecedented agility to support demanding and differentiated use cases like the industry 4.0, connected car, e-health and smart city. This will need strong guarantees in respect of privacy and security, while hiding the complexity using a high level of automation.

To attain this objective, this new stage of the common lab will link advanced research in information theory, graph theory, game theory, machine learning, network virtualization, advanced control software and cybersecurity.

The scope of the collaboration comprises numerous research actions committed to algorithms and information theory to solve the problems of IoT; machine learning and analytics to automatically and dynamically optimize the virtualized network; scalable distributed control and learning for augmented intelligence to manage complex IoT networks of dynamic elements; and cybersecurity to offer data integrity, resilience and privacy against intrusions.

Marcus Weldon, the Chief Technical Officer at Nokia as well as Nokia Bell Labs President, expressed that Nokia Bell Labs associates with the best academic teams on solving the major technical challenges faced by humankind. Together, Bell Labs and Inria are co-pioneers and collaborators in this endeavor, with a fruitful and rich association over the preceding 20 years.