[market_watch ticker=WTW item=name value=”Weight Watchers International Inc.”] ([market_watch ticker=WTW item=ticker value=”NYSE: WTW”])’s near-term analysis


Some [market_watch ticker=WTW item=num_an value=”5″] analysts have recommended on the stock of [market_watch ticker=WTW item=name value=”Weight Watchers International Inc.”] ([market_watch ticker=WTW item=ticker value=”NYSE: WTW”]) so far and from them the equity has an average call of [market_watch ticker=WTW item=an_recommend value=”Hold”]. But what does that indicate? It deciphers analysts? recommendations; shareholders should know that 1.00 ? 1.24 implies that a stock is a BUY. Call of 1.75 ? 2.24 implies that an equity is a HOLD. SELL recommendation is represented by numbers 2.75 ? 3.00.

Let?s look into the technical of the stock

[intr_chart ticker=WTW src=”http://www.financialstrend.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/-WTW.png”]

[intr_bto ticker=WTW content=”ICAgIFRoZSBCYXJjaGFydCBUZWNobmljYWwgT3BpbmlvbiByYXRpbmcgaXMgYSAxMDAlIEJ1eSBhbmQgcmFua3MgaW4gdGhlIFRvcCAxJSBvZiBhbGwgc2hvcnQgdGVybSBzaWduYWwgZGlyZWN0aW9ucy4gICAgIExvbmdlciB0ZXJtLCB0aGUgdHJlbmQgc3RyZW5ndGggaXMgTWF4aW11bS4gICBMb25nIHRlcm0gaW5kaWNhdG9ycyBmdWxseSBzdXBwb3J0IGEgY29udGludWF0aW9uIG9mIHRoZSB0cmVuZC4gICAgIFRoZSBtYXJrZXQgaXMgaW4gaGlnaGx5IG92ZXJib3VnaHQgdGVycml0b3J5LiBCZXdhcmUgb2YgYSB0cmVuZCByZXZlcnNhbC4gICAg”]

As for the price, analysts project that shares of [market_watch ticker=WTW item=name value=”Weight Watchers International Inc.”] will be trading around $[market_watch ticker=WTW item=avg_prc_tgt value=”27.33″] in the next 12 months.

The stock price is influenced by the financial performance and represents investors opinion of its future. That being the case, shareholders should recall that [market_watch ticker=WTW item=name value=”Weight Watchers International Inc.”] posted EPS of $[market_watch ticker=WTW item=eps value=”0.16″] in its recent quarter.

The firm recorded the EPS from sales of [market_watch ticker=WTW item=sales_mrq value=”329.06M”]%, which increased [market_watch ticker=WTW item=rev_grth value=”0.07%”]% from a same period a year ago. Compared to the previous period, the revenue growth jumped/decreased by [market_watch ticker=WTW item=grth_dec value=”grow”]%.

[market_watch ticker=WTW item=name value=”Weight Watchers International Inc.”] incurred expenses totaling $[market_watch ticker=WTW item=cost_gsold value=”164.97M”] to produce the revenue. Gross profit, which is computed by deducting cost of sales from sales, was $[market_watch ticker=WTW item=gross_income value=”164.1M”].

Analysts on the average are projecting [market_watch ticker=WTW item=name value=”Weight Watchers International Inc.”] to post EPS of $[market_watch ticker=WTW item=eps_forecast value=”0.49″] in the ongoing quarter.

Does [market_watch ticker=WTW item=name value=”Weight Watchers International Inc.”] have the capacity to surpass expectations? Casting an eye on the firm?s liquidity position, you note that the firm generated net cash of $[market_watch ticker=WTW item=net_op_cash value=”42.34M”] from its operations in the previous quarter, resulting in free cash flow of $[market_watch ticker=WTW item=free_cash_flow value=”38.93M”]. Net change in cash came at $[market_watch ticker=WTW item=net_change_cash value=”26.54M”].

Furthermore, the firm?s asset position was $[market_watch ticker=WTW item=total_assets value=”1.3B”] at the close of the latest quarter. But [market_watch ticker=WTW item=name value=”Weight Watchers International Inc.”] is carrying liabilities totaling $[market_watch ticker=WTW item=total_liab value=”2.49B”].

The firm ended the latest quarter with diluted due shares of [market_watch ticker=WTW item=total_do_shares value=”66.53M”].

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