Jaguar Animal Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) Update On Mytesi® Video


Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Jaguar Animal Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) reported release of a Mytesi® video showcasing commentary from patients living with HIV/AIDS detailing the problems of living for years with HIV-associated diarrhea and the influence that diarrhea leaves on their daily lives.

The details

Napo’s Mytesi® is approved by the FDA for the indicative relief of noninfectious diarrhea in people with HIV/AIDS on antiretroviral treatment. The 2.5-minute video, having quotes from HIV patients that were interviewed by Napo, is being referred by company’s national salesforce to expand awareness about Mytesi® and HIV-associated diarrhea among healthcare providers and patients suffering from HIV. This video can be viewed at Napo’s online site.

Lisa Conte, the President and CEO of Jaguar, reported that chronic, symptomatic diarrhea continues to be a key, underreported consequence of HIV and a considerable burden for people with HIV. In fact, a recent trial indicates that one in five patients living with HIV suffer from diarrhea1. Many HIV patients are just aware of over-the-counter medications as treatments for diarrhea.

Still, these agents have to be assessed particularly in people suffering with HIV/AIDS. Additionally, Lomotil® and Imodium® opioids that work by gradual movement through the GI tract can result in constipation. Mytesi® is the only medication assessed in and FDA-permitted for relief of diarrhea in patients with HIV+. The active pharma ingredient in Mytesi®, Crofelemer, is a top anti-secretory agent providing a natural solution and a unique, normalizing mechanism of action in humans as well as animals.

A communication disconnects between doctors and their patients is considered as one of the key reasons diarrhea among folks living with HIV/AIDS remains under-recognized. These people have often been experiencing diarrhea due to HIV enteropathy since long and just consider it is something they must bear with. Jaguar mentioned that many HIV patients and physicians may not be even aware that a specific treatment is available. The Mytesi® tagline – “Enough is Enough” appearing in the video is targeted to show that diarrhea doesn’t have to develop into the new normal.