Jaguar Animal Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) Released Commercial Updates


Jaguar Animal Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) will be launching a TV advertising campaign for Neonorm ™ Foal and also a radio campaign in major dairy markets for Neonorm ™ Calf. Both products are the lead non-prescription products of the company.

The details

Neonorm ™ Foal is an anti-diarrheal for newborn horses. This drug is intended for diarrhea which marks as one of the most commonly found clinical complaints in foals, mainly within the initial days of foal’s life. The secretory diarrhea results in crippling effects of dehydration that can manifest quickly and precipitate harmful health effects. At times it can also lead to death.

Jaguar Animal reported that Neonorm ™ Calf has been developed to help retain fluid in calves and reduce the diarrhea impacts and aiding calves avoid dangerous levels of dehydration as a result of scours. The TV campaign of Neonorm ™ Foal is a 30-second commercial to be shown during prime time hours.

Radio ad for Neonorm ™ Calf has 30-second spot during morning time on “DairyLine”. It is a national program which is on the air for almost 20 years and shown on at least 40 stations across 16 states. The show has extensive coverage across key dairy regions in the U.S.

The radio and TV ads shows two new contact channels designed to promote support sales and also the Neonorm brand. In support of sales plans, Jaguar recently developed an e-commerce section on its corporate website that allows customers to buy its products directly from company.

Moreover, the firm has been targeting dairy farmers, bovine veterinarians, equine veterinarians, and the breeders, owners and trainers of horses, during Q1 2017 as part of its strategy to drive exposure, develop a community of followers, and promote Neonorm brand. The company has partnered with ANIMART, LLC to organize “Lunch n’ Learn” shows in Midwest dairy regions.