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Major upcoming catalyst could send Imagin
Medical (OTC: IMEXF / CSE: IME) skyrocketing

With a revolutionary cancer detection technology on the fast track to commercialization, this undervalued start-up could be the best way to play one of the year’s hottest sectors.


Medical device technologies have made fortunes for investors who caught innovators early in the product development process. Explosive gains can come quickly as these small-cap companies leap on stage with true innovation.

It’s the ideal sector to find a rising star. Medical devices can pay big returns similar to a successful pharmaceutical innovation. But unlike the pharmaceutical sector, medical device innovation is not burdened by the same staggering R&D expense and onerous FDA approvals.

Medical devices is the one sector to hunt for big rewards in medicine with less of the downside risk that a last minute ding from the FDA poses to pharmaceuticals!

Within the medical device sector, lower R&D costs make it possible for small companies to make enormous health care breakthroughs. And once proven effective, the resulting intellectual property can be worth hundreds of millions.

Quick profits as well as long term wealth-building.

Consider the history of Inogen (INGN). Inogen introduced the first truly portable oxygen concentrator to market in 2013.[1] Over the last five years since its introduction, INGN shares soared over 16-fold! $10,000 in INGN shares bought in 2013 would now be worth over $164,000!

And it continues to soar. Over the last six months, INGN shares have more than doubled!

Real breakthroughs; staggering share price gains.

Companies with maturing products, like Inogen, may still have some upside potential, but more than likely, INGN’s big gains lie in the past. A great story, but not one you can follow for building wealth.

Focus on the future, not the past!

One emerging company for immediate consideration is Imagin Medical (OTC: IMEXF / CSE: IME).   

Imagin Medical is now progressing through advanced-stage development of technology that can revolutionize treatment of bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer?

Yes, bladder cancer poses huge medical challenges burdened with decades-old technologies.

Start with the grim reality…

Not only is bladder cancer the fourth most common form of cancer in menit’s also the most likely to re-occur! If not caught and treated in time, bladder cancer can progress to other parts of the body. This greatly complicates cancer treatment and often leads to fatal outcomes.

Also complicating the treatment process is the technology currently used to identify tumor locations. It literally dates back decades!

As you will learn in a moment, most current treatment technologies available to the surgeon are inadequate to the need. This is one of the key reasons why bladder cancer is the costliest of all cancers!

A 2009 report from the World Urology Journal released through the National Institute of Health (NIH) confirms the human and financial tolls of bladder cancer:

Bladder cancer (BC) has the highest lifetime treatment costs per patient of all cancers. The high recurrence rate and ongoing invasive monitoring requirements are the key contributors to the economic and human toll of this disease.[2] [Author’s emphasis]

That said, bladder cancer does not hand down a certain death sentence.

With effective intervention bladder cancer survival rates can be quite high. When diagnosed early, surgical interventions are used to remove cancerous tissue. What’s more, surgery can be successful with minimally invasive procedures, sometimes even on an outpatient basis in a urologist’s clinic!

But here’s where it gets problematic. Bladder tumors can be removed successfully, but only if the surgeon can actually see where the cancer lies. If the surgeon misses some tumorous tissue, it’s not because he/she didn’t do their job…it’s because the tumor could not be seen! The visualization problems make recurrence of cancerous growths almost inevitable.

The American Urological Society states it plainly: “Incomplete [tumor] removal is likely a significant contributing factor to early bladder cancer recurrences.”

So, don’t blame the surgeon! This is about limitations of available technology. Current visualization tools make the surgeon’s job challenging. Even a few cancerous cells left behind means the cancer can take hold again.

Here’s where Imagin Medical can have a dramatic impact. Its i/Blue Imaging System offers surgeons a new advanced technology that simplifies and improves accuracy, highlighting bladder cancer tumors for surgical removal.  Chances for complete tumor removal are greatly improved and the incidence of cancer recurrence is reduced.

This is a staggering breakthrough that carries enormous financial implications.

No doubt, the investment potential of such much-needed technology should be enormous. Early shareholders stand to make significant returns by getting behind Imagin Medical today.

As of now, the company reports that it has completed development of an alpha prototype for its i/Blue imaging technology. In other words, the early R&D is done.  Imagin Medical appears to be entering the home stretch… and this presents an ideal opportunity for securing a ground floor position.

Once released to market, the i/Blue system can be expected to spread rapidly. One thing seems clear, the market is ripe for of this technology!

Based on product development phases and market conditions, this could be the ideal time to act on Imagin Medical (IMEXF). If you are actively seeking wealth-building opportunities then get started now. Of course, it must be stated that nothing is final here. Imagin Medical has a way to go before it begins monetizing its technology. This exposes early investors to high-risk for loss that must be taken into account when deciding if this is a right buy for you.

However, there’s no risk in next steps.

First and foremost: get IMEXF on your watch list now, before this window of opportunity slams shut.

There seems little question that an enormous unmet, substantial need exists for Imagin’s i/Blue technology. This already existing vacuum of demand could quickly propel the i/Blue system to millions in sales. It may also trigger one event that every investor prays for…buyout!

Imagin’s i/Blue cancer visualization technology is an ideal candidate for intellectual property rights acquisition. A major player operating in the medical device sector could soon pay enormous premiums to shareholders holding ground floor positions. At its current stage of product development, Imagin Medical appears ripe for it!

But should Imagin Medical chart its own course as did INGN cited at the top of this article, the long-term payout to IMEXF shareholders could be ten- to twenty-times today’s trading range.

For now, Imagin Medical remains virtually unknown in the medical device sector. Do not expect that to last. At present, Imagin shares trade around 14¢ to 15¢ on the OTCQB. However, over the last few months, volume has been accelerating. Word is beginning to get out. Today’s ground floor opportunity could vanish overnight following a single PR news release. This is a hair trigger for certain!

Many investors carefully follow companies like Imagin Medical, prepared to respond instantly on breakthrough news. Their rush to buy can trigger dramatic gains in a moment’s notice.

A single PR announcement can set off a stampede of buying from investors seeking last-minute shots at an early position. It’s tough to know when such an announcement may come, but one thing seems certain, Imagin Medical appears to be standing on the threshold of that event.

Just one announcement to pocket quick profits!

Given the right news, Imagin Medical shares could leap into the 50¢ to 60¢ range literally overnight, even fly past a dollar should that rush of buying occur.

To put that in perspective, a jump to 60¢ would be four-times what IMEXF shares trade at today.

That’s why it is critical that you get on this without delay. Recent volume suggests that many investors are closely following company developments.

If you’re a bold investor then consider locking up some shares for yourself, right now. At 15¢ per share you could pick up thousands for just a few hundred dollars!

The more cautious, perhaps more sensible approach is to get Imagin Medical (OTC: IMEXF / CSE: IME) on a watch list so you can get the news shortly after it is released.

Contact your broker right now to get IMEXF on your watch list. Better still, go straight to the source!

Take a moment right now to go to the Imagin Medical website and subscribe to their email list.

Go to:

While you’re on the site, take some time to begin your due diligence. You’ll find detailed explanations about bladder cancer, its treatment, and how i/Blue technology plans to revolutionize surgical interventions and dramatically improve the prognosis for bladder cancer patients.

An enormous market on standby for a new, effective solution!

Urology Times reports that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services projects the need for 16,000 practicing urologists by the end of this decade.  That’s a 37% leap over the 11,703 practicing urologists in 2014.[3]

This projection likely recognizes that an aging male population will trigger a marked increase in bladder cancer diagnoses. This is the population most likely to contract the disease. The timing for Imagin Medical is likely ideal…as it is for the company’s shareholders.

Within a few years following a market release of the i/Blue system, you can expect significant penetration of the system into every hospital across the country. And hospitals aren’t the only market target. Also in the market for i/Blue are thousands of urology clinics where minimally invasive surgical procedures are routinely practiced these days.

In short order, you could see thousands of i/Blue systems sold and delivered…and that’s just in the United States.

The world market for the i/Blue system is likely to be many times the U.S. market alone. In Europe, 17,000 urologists are serving a population of 730 million today.[4] Like America, the need for more is likely to increase sharply over the coming few years.

Imagin Medical is moving fast. 

In July this year, the company announced that its i/Blue system was demonstrated in a ten-subject trial conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center. This trial provided valuable feedback for further design enhancements to Imagin’s i/Blue technology.

Further, in parallel trials, the company announced successful completion of the critical “proof of concept” phase for its optical modules. This is a key phase of development  prior to the creation of a functioning and final product designed for market.[5]

For further details on these and other key company developments, visit the company website and be sure to register for their email list. If you have any thought about becoming a shareholder, getting on the company’s email list is essential for ongoing due diligence. The email sign-in is presented on the very first page; take a moment to get on that list now.

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