Earth Science Tech Inc (OTCMKTS:ETST) Announces New Cannabis CBD-Based Sports Supplement

Earth Science Tech Inc

Earth Science Tech Inc (OTCMKTS:ETST) has unveiled a Cannabis CBD pre-workout sports supplement with in conjunction with Forzagen. Earth Science Tech, Inc is a biotech company with eye on cannabis and research and development of cannabinoid. The company also specializes in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and medical devices.

Additionally, Earth Science Tech, Inc is in final stages of forming a partnership with Karmavore Superfoods. Karmavore  Superfoods’s chocolates which are induced with  CBD are increased in demand.

Earth Science Tech, Inc recently entered in partnership with Forzagen and Nutrition Specialties. In the deal, Forzagen and Earth Science Tech will develop new CBD-based sport supplements. Earth Science Tech will market the product in the United States while Forzagen market the product in Mexico and other countries.

Earth Science Tech in conjunction with Forzagen has developed Black Demon 2.0, a full-spectrum CBD-based pre-workout supplement.

The supplement is meant for serious athletes and is very powerful. The two companies will be sharing both the costs and revenue generated from Black Demon 2.0. The supplement is currently at the label design stage.  The supplement is expected to be on the market within the second and third quarter of 2017.

In the recently signed deal between where Earth Science Tech and Karmavore Superfoods, Earth Science Tech will help in marketing Karmavore’s products while Karmavore will buy its ingredients from Earth Science Tech. Kamavore Superfood’s sales of its CBD infused chocolate produced under the partnership have been on high demand with feedback and excitement from customers and store owners.

Recently Karmavore Superfoods increases their CBD chocolate basket with introduction of types of CBD peanut butter cups. The cups have reported overwhelmingly positive results. They are poised to become the game changers in the market being the only product on the market currently.

Karmavore is currently engaged in the development of a new therapeutic flavored CBD supplement which offer consumers with a whole new taste of CBD oil with natural flavoring and additional therapeutic benefits. A release plan for the new product is expected to be implemented before the third quarter of 2017.