Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTC:ETST) Prepares to Distribute MSN-2 Medical Device and Nanoderm in Three New Countries and Launches New Clinical Study


Due to the more involved regulatory process in America, Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTC: ETST) has been stuck waiting on government officials’ approval to start distributing MSN-2 Medical Devices in the US and Canada. In order to start building a market for the devices abroad, the company recently entered negotiations with distributors that will sell the company’s MSN-2 devices in Djibouti, Morocco, and Vietnam. This will help ensure that the company has cashflows coming in and that the company’s brand is being introduced around the globe, all while waiting on the American regulatory approval process.

In addition to the medical devices that will be distributed abroad, the company announced its intent to introduce high-grade CBD hemp oil and Nanoderm to these initial launch companies. This will allow the company time to impress foreign authorities and partners with the effectiveness of the treatments.

On top of the news that Earth Science Tech will be reaching into multiple new countries with its products, they announced a new clinical study surrounding the effectiveness of its CBD-based products as a treatment for opioid dependence (primarily in chronic pain patients that rely on opioids, such as HIV-positive patients) and neurological complications caused by neuro-inflammation. The intention of this study is to create the first CBD-rich hemp oil product with other natural molecules for the purpose of relieving HIV-related symptoms and diseases, in addition to making a stand against the epidemic of opioid addiction, which has recently made a meteoric rise in America.