Ameri Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:AMRH) Announces The Expansion Of Its Portfolio


Ameri Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:AMRH) is a company that focuses in the provision of digital enterprise and SAP cloud services. The business works closely with its subsidiaries towards attaining its set business objectives. It was today that the business guru disclosed plans to expand its solutions portfolio.

A close outlook

The Ameri100 collaborates with Glimpse Group in a progressive partnership where each of the parties has quite much to gain. The collaboration is in line with the establishment of top-notch corporate learning platform. It hopes that the platform will move quite a long way helping it increase its value proposition.

The Virtual & Augmented Reality will be crucial in the entire undertaking. Its software and services will ensure proper functioning and planning. Ameri100 hopes that with the platform it will achieve quite much. It foresees its solutions delivery model expanding a huge deal.

The creative use of VR/AR technologies is crucial towards the advancement of corporate learning on the various Digital solutions. That is also on the SAP Cloud.

The turn of events

An official working with the company says they focus on delivering the best to customers. Client on-boarding is a matter they take with great seriousness. They seek to make it as much efficient as possible. The other area is the employee engagement. The company seeks to move about it with much seriousness and determination.

Market observers lay great emphasis on the activities of providing clients with remarkable pathway to accelerated return on investment (ROI).That was in line with the client’s IT spend.

The company says that the platform will help a great deal in further enhancing and diversifying the business. That is specifically on the SAP services market.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ameri100 Brent Kelton says that the company’s collaboration with Glimpse is a progressive one. It is rooted in their plan to take advantage of the latest and more advanced technologies. It is about taking the demand for the company’s offerings a notch higher.

Kelton opined, “As enterprises increasingly look to SAP to underpin their digital transformation journeys, integral to the journey is employee learning and development to maximize the business benefits of SAP’s software.”