ABCANN GLOBAL CORPORATION (CVE:ABCN) Extends Research Deal With The University Of Guelph


ABCANN GLOBAL CORPORATION (CVE:ABCN) has extended and amended the research deal currently in place between the University of Guelph and its subsidiary unit, ABcann Medicinals Inc. The deal, which goes back to 2015, has been now extended to the close of 2018, with an alternative to extend if mutually settled upon.

The details

The planned research deal will focus on controlled environment manufacturing of medicinal cannabis and is being performed at the CESRF under the guidance of Dr. Michael Dixon. A part of the research is being performed within ABcann’s research laboratory in Napanee, the unit which has been committed exclusively to the University of Guelph trials.

The multi-year research plan is focused on many assignments intended to improve the ABcann procedure in terms of control, quality, flexibility and yield. Included are assignments pertaining to organic nutrient uptake and delivery, propagation protocols, enhancing controlled progress under varied lighting configurations and irrigation management plans.

Ken Clement, the Executive Chairman and Founder of ABcann, reported that the $1.4 million assignment has already produced outcome which have been implemented into company’s growing systems. They fully anticipate to witness further results which will offer them considerable benefit over their competition. The company has benefitted considerably from having the graduate students and researchers working with its team and the management value their close working association with Dr. Dixon and his team.

Dr. Mike Dixon of CESRF reported that ABcann has followed an innovative approach to controlled environment manufacturing of cannabis intended to standardize the quality and production of medical compounds. The research program in association with ABcann exhibits a comprehensive and systematic approach to the advancement of the most sophisticated production know-how in this industry segment.

In the last trading session, the stock price of ABcann declined more than 1% to close the day at $0.900. The decline came at a share volume of 53,041 compared to average share volume of 451,308.